"Highly professional team that gets the job done! Randy, Peter and Diana worked hard for a resolution they are amazing! Need a good lawyer? I would highly recommend this firm!"

Law Firm Client

"Highly recommend!

I have known and worked with Randy both personally and professionally for the past 10 years. It is very clear that he puts his client's best interests first and foremost. When looking for a lawyer that will work hard, get the job done and represent your best interests, Randy is the guy." -Mark

Law Firm Peer

I hired Patrick to represent me regarding a car accident where I was facing several charges. Patrick walked me through what to expect regarding the charges and gave me advise on how to proceed. He guided me through the Court process and put my fears to rest. I would hire Patrick again in a minute. -Jayme

Criminal Defense Client

I am writing this review in reference to Mr. Patrick Casey. Having had a number of Attorneys represent me in the past. None of which top Mr. Casey's thorough and knowledge in Family Practice. He has proven he is willing to listen and help me through stressful and emotional times working through child support issues. As hourly rates go. His rates are comparable with other Attorneys. Mr, Casey gets right to the issues at hand and importance. Thus, saving dollars in the long run. I have found my Attorney, Mr. Patrick Casey, I want to represent me for present and any future issues that may arise. Thank you Patrick! -Greg

Family Law Client

“I've used Wade Abed for several real estate transactions. He's great to work with and knows his stuff." -Aaron Hatanpa

Real Estate Client

Patrick represented myself & 2 siblings & spouses in a land acquisition from a MN bankruptcy court. Patrick was honest, knowledgeable & very pleasant to work with. Would definitely recommend his services! -Brenda

Real Estate Client

“What a great law firm. A++++" -Charlie Miller

Law Firm Client

Patrick is a great lawyer I highly recommend him, I was charged with four accounts of felonys and Patrick got it all dismiss due to improper search warrant he is a great lawyer always kept me updated and stuck to what I ask him to do, I can't explain how much I recommend Patrick if I could I would give him more stars, he is not scared to argue with the prosecutor, Attorny and or the police department and won't back Down he is just all around a very great lawyer, you can tell he loves his job, once again I recommend Patrick. -Annonymous

Criminal Defense Client

So Grateful…..!!

Mr. Casey represented our son in court recently and I cannot say enough how grateful we are. He was very honest and explained everything in detail about what would/could happen. Going through the legal process on any level is unnerving and cannot stress enough that the best decision we made was to hire Mr. Casey. -Annonymous

DUI/DWI Client

"I think that the day we met Randy after our car accident was definitely a blessing. He was so very knowledgeable in this type of case that without him we would have been at the mercy of the insurance companies.

I have asked many questions, and some may have seemed very silly, but Randy always was able to answer them promptly and assure me that things were moving as they should. He was not only able to assist in getting the auto accident resolved, but also a guarndianship of my granddaughter thru the court systems.

I would recommend Randy very highly to anyone needing legal counsel. I think what i like the most is that he is not only a very knowledgable lawyer, but also a very involved community - oriented citizen. And i like that he seems a very good judge of character and human nature ------ and really just says it like it is...I know that we can never say thank you enough!" -Alyce

Car Accident Client

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Patrick Casey & his Firm Knutson and Casey to anyone going through a divorce and/ or child custody!

I just want to share that I do not know what I would've done without Patrick during my 2 1/2 years divorce and child custody case! It was a very contentious and difficult divorce full of lies and deception from my Ex and his attorney, but Patrick and I stuck to the truth never lowering ourselves to their level and every time I felt like giving up, that I couldn't fight him anymore Patrick would tell me things were going to be okay both financially and emotionally for me and he was right.

He was very professional, knowledgeable kind & compassionate. In the beginning I told him I had no way to pay him until the divorce was over as my Ex controlled all of the money & committed financial abuse towards me. Patrick never hounded me about money he told me he knew he'd get paid in the end when I got my settlement, Patrick was right! We were fighting over millions after an abusive and controlling 20 year marriage, I was so scared after working so hard on the farm and in the hog barns for 20 years that because of my Ex's and his lawyers lies I would get nothing, but Patrick never lost hope, never gave up and got me a nice settlement so I can move on and rebuild my life. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Patrick for all you did for me and making sure the truth was told! -Holly

Family Law Client

Ecstatic & Relieved!!!

One of my children receieved an excessive speeding ticket. At first glance it appeared to be a simple matter that did not need an attorney. As the situation appeared to get more complex I was referred to Patrick buy a fellow attorney to help us navigate thru the legal system regarding rights, resposiblities and general procedures. In just a few weeks an outcome was reached that would have been unobtainable without his help. Patricks expanded knowledge and expertise in the law was impressive and a direct result was that AMAZING outcome in the courtroom that day. If you ever had any doubts about hiring an attorney for help in a difficult situation I would strongly advise you do hire an attorney and I highly recommend Patrick! The attorney that recommend him said he was good and I would totally agree! -Mark

Criminal Defense Client

Job well done!

Patrick Casey was thorough, well prepared, and professional throughout our case. He presented options and was attentive to our wishes. Both he and his staff were easy to contact whenever needed. He answered our questions and returned calls promptly. We were totally satisfied with all our interactions with Patrick Casey and the law office he represents. We highly recommend his services to others! -Loren and Joan

Law Firm Client

Good to work with!

When i was looking for a lawyer it was easy to find him and from the other reviews that i had read about him i thought that he was a pretty good lawyer. After everything was said and done i felt like he did live up to his review he did a wonderful job and i would defiantly recommend him to people. -Annonymous

Criminal Defense Client

Best of the Best!

Patrick Casey was very knowledgeable when it came to my divorce and child custody. He was always informing me keeping me up to date with my case. Patrick is extremely professional in court and knows what he is doing in court and in the office, He is a must have if you ever need a good knowledgeable trustworthy lawyer he's it. -Travis S

Family Law Client

I was fortunate to have Patrick Casey recommended to me.

Patrick has handled several different types of legal matters for me and my family over the last few years. He was able to bring a successful resolution to a disputed bill with a contractor we used for home repairs, saving us a great deal of money. He has also provided advice on several other matters, most recently getting a landlord to make modifications to a lease for our son. I would highly recommend him. He has been on top of all of the issues we have had and has resolved them quickly and much to our satisfaction. He talks to you like a regular person, not like attorney to client and will tell you up front what he feels can be done. -Landlord & Tenant client

Business Law Client

I'm a recent client of Patrick Casey. I was greatful when I heard that my case was dismissed. I know its dismissal is because of the quality of work Patrick Casey did. -Annonymous

Criminal Defense Client