Case Results

May 2022: A pedestrian hit by a pickup truck crossing the street received a verdict of $2.125 Million dollars.  Attorney Randy Knutson and his client spent 3 ½ years litigating with the insurance company involved, in order to obtain the verdict.  The client was thrown over 40 feet and sustained more than 11 fractured bones in the accident.  The verdict will allow the client and her husband to build a new home that will provide for her many needs resulting from the accident, and provide for her future care.

$2.125 Million Dollar Verdict

Client contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome from the flu vaccine.

$2.464 Million

Parties Confidential

Clients were struck head on by a driver who fell asleep and crossed the center line. The case settled after a 12 hour mediation ending around 11 p.m., for 1.5 million, plus additional personal payments to be made by the Defendant.

$1.5 Million

D.H. v. Estate of S.G. and G.G.

Client was struck head-on by a driver with bald tires driving on ice. Client suffered two shattered femurs and other significant injuries. Settled 3 weeks before trial, 2016.

$1.023 Million

State of MN v. Bearder

Our clients were parents whose children had their DNA taken and stored by the State of Minnesota Department of Health against their wishes. The settlement included an agreement to destroy all of the DNA samples stored by the State. The case garnered national attention and news coverage.


G. v. V.

Client was struck from behind by another vehicle, causing her to fracture her back. She had fusion surgery. Liability and damages were disputed by the defendant’s insurance company. The case settled on the day of trial when the judge ruled in our favor on several key issues.


Estate of N. v. M.R.

Client and his wife were part of a bike tour from the top of a volcano in Hawaii. The client’s wife went off the edge of the road going down the volcano. She crashed and died. A claim was brought against the tour company. After substantial investigation and discovery, it was learned that the tour company was not licensed to run their business, and had other issues as well. The case settled just after we walked out of mediation, and we were walking down the street in Honolulu.


H. H. v. R.S. and G.S.

Client was a 5 year old child bitten by a dog in the face. She had some permanent scarring on her face. The case settled early on in negotiations for $350,000. The majority of the proceeds were placed in an interest earning annuity, so that she could receive financial payments every 3-4 years until the age of 30.

Large Confidential Settlement

State of MN v. T.

Client was facing 1 count of child neglect.

Case Dismissed

Parties Confidential

Southern Minnesota man struck by drunk driver, Multiple Fractures, surgeries. 

$1.29 Million

Parties Confidential

Sexual Assault of Minor Female by Older Male. 


Parties Confidential

Sexual assault of juvenile male, while in custody

$2 Million