Mankato Disorderly Conduct Attorney

You may be familiar with the concept of “disorderly conduct” as boisterous, loud, or reckless behavior, but this criminal charge can apply to a variety of different circumstances. Unfortunately, based on the situation, a disorderly conduct charge may be detrimental to your future and prevent you from continuing to live your life in a variety of ways. 

When you encounter an accusation of disorderly conduct, do not settle for second best. The team of criminal defense lawyers at Knutson+Casey is here to help you and your loved ones. 

Disorderly Conduct

Depending on the circumstance, disorderly conduct that does not harm another person may seem like a negligible offense. However, any behavior that creates a “breach of the peace” is classified as disorderly conduct, which can be considered a criminal offense based on the details of the situation.

Facing an accusation of disorderly conduct can be difficult for anyone. Regardless of the nature of the case, the defendant still has rights that need to be upheld and protected in court. If you or someone you care about has found themselves in a similar situation, an experienced Mankato criminal defense lawyer can help you every step of the way.

Fighting for Your Future

If you have never faced any kind of criminal charges in the past, it can be overwhelming to experience it for the first time. When you are looking at potential criminal charges for any form of disorderly conduct, your best option is to obtain the legal counsel of a reliable lawyer who is committed to fighting for your future. 

When you retain the help of a qualified legal professional for your disorderly conduct case, it is their responsibility to advocate for you in and out of court to secure the best possible outcome for your particular case. Regardless of whether there is a degree of guilt, there may be factors in your case that could lead to a better result. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can easily identify these factors to help you get the best outcome. 

Many times, however, there is no real guilt at all, and an individual is charged with disorderly conduct as a result of:

  • Any public, physical altercation that would be considered disturbing the peace
  • Bar fights
  • Drinking alcohol in a public place where it is not permitted
  • Loitering
  • Obstructing traffic
  • Petitioning when it is not allowed or doing so disturbs the peace of any individuals
  • Public fighting, either physical or verbal
  • Rowdy behavior leading to an accusation of disturbing the peace

For some disorderly conduct cases in Minnesota, accusations are simply a misunderstanding. When this occurs, your criminal defense attorney must reveal these facts so that the case can be dismissed, or the charges reduced. Just because you have been charged does not necessarily mean you have to be convicted. This is important to keep in mind as you move forward through your disorderly conduct case.

Committed to Your Case

When you have Knutson+Casey attorneys manage your Minnesota disorderly conduct case, you will find that your attorney is committed to the facts and to utilizing those facts to create a strategy that works best for you. Even when a conviction is imminent, the goal is to obtain the best possible result that allows you to move on with your life.

Here at Knutson+Casey, our team of criminal defense lawyers is experienced in working with clients who are facing cases of disorderly conduct. Our diligent method of legal representation allows us to work closely with our clients to ensure that they receive the best possible solution for their unique situation.

Contact a Dedicated Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

Although an accusation of disorderly conduct may not seem like a serious offense, it can follow you on your permanent record and impact the rest of your life. Convictions of disorderly conduct can prevent you from finding a place to live, obtaining a job, and much more.

When you or someone you love is convicted of disorderly conduct, you still retain rights to legal representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney who can guide you and advocate for you every step of the way. 

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