Maverick Hockey Veteran of the Game!

Knutson+Casey is proud to support the men and women of our nation’s Armed Forces by honoring one veteran at each home Maverick Hockey game! If you’d like to nominate an active duty, reserve or retired service member please fill out the form below for your chance at 4 tickets to one of the remaining hockey games where your veteran could be recognized! Like us on Facebook for updates and winner announcements.

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Previously Recognized:

2017-’18 Season

March 3rd, 2018: Lynn Holmgren
February 24th, 2018: Gary Kremer
February 23rd, 2018: Hunter McGovern
February 17th, 2018: Richard Carlson
February 16th, 2018: Paul Ellingworth
February 3rd, 2018: Curtis Ling
February 2nd, 2018: Marcus Freeman-Lee
January 27th, 2018: Mike Fraze
January 23rd, 2018: Chris Xiong
December 30th, 2017: Thomas Dauer
December 29th, 2017: Adam Hendriks
December 16th, 2017: Jerry Brown
December 15th, 2017: Ron Buckmister
November 18th, 2017: John Freeberg
November 17th, 2017: Tim Johnson
October 28th, 2017: Matthew Aiken
October 27th, 2017: Robert Blom
October 7th, 2017: Ricky Hanson
October 1st, 2017: Jeff Zimmerman

2016-’17 Season

March 3rd, 2017: Lance Stenzel
February 18th, 2017: Ivan Martinez
February 18th, 2017: Adam Alvarado
February 17th, 2017: Kyle Marti
January 28th, 2017: Brian Parker
January 27th, 2017: Russell Schmitt
January 14th, 2017: Robert (Bob) Carda
January 13th, 2017: Jessie Lloyd
December 3rd, 2016: Dana McCabe
December 2nd, 2016: David Treaner
November 18th, 2016: Gabe McClain
November 12th, 2016: John B. Ellingsberg
November 11th, 2016: Katherine (Katie) McNair
November 11th, 2016: Joe DeLory
October 29th, 2016: Tom Hassing
October 28th, 2016: Tony Glynn
October 15th, 2016: Jonathon Hanson
October 14th, 2016: Cassie Renneke
October 8th, 2016: Chris Baxter
October 7th, 2016: Ben Mashak

2015-’16 Season

March 12th, 2016: Bill Meyer
March 11th, 2016: Keith Hauck
February 6th, 2016: Curtis Peters
February 5th, 2016: Curt Anhorn
January 23rd, 2016: Ryan Bromeland
January 22nd, 2016: Ben Jacobs
January 9th, 2016: Timothy O’Connell
January 8th, 2016: Dale Kassen
December 12th, 2015: Penny Nelson
December 11th, 2015: Eric Mason
November 28th, 2015: Nate Dicks
November 27th, 2015: Jane Matson
November 13th, 2015: Steve Hoppe
October 31st, 2015: Todd Fritz
October 30th, 2015: Brent Gagnon
October 10th, 2015: Taylor Anderson
October 9th, 2015: Eric Wasmund
October 4th, 2015: Mark Robbins

2014-’15 Season

March 13th, 2015: Matt Uecker
February 28th, 2015: Dave Bonnifield
February 27th, 2015: Jeremiah Miller
February 7th, 2015: Jack Zimmerman
February 6th, 2015: Daniel Grassmann