Austin, Minnesota Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Even if you are found at partial fault for a car accident, Minnesota roadway law gives injured parties the right to fight for financial compensation. If you need help recovering from a car accident, you do not have to look any further for professional guidance. To get started, you only need to turn to a car accident attorney in Austin, Minnesota.

Contending with Post-Accident Losses

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, drivers and their passengers can find themselves contending with a new litany of expenses. These can range from medical bills to property repair and replacement. The good news is that as long as injured parties abide by the laws set forth in Minnesota, they can fight for the restoration of these losses.

Parties who file legal complaints have the right to put forward requests for compensation. This compensation can cover both economic and non-economic losses. This means that people can include losses such as car repairs and the cost of long-term suffering in their estimated damages.

However, not all of these losses come with a pre-assigned dollar value. Injured parties who do not know how valuable their losses are can work with an Austin, Minnesota car accident attorney. Together, interested parties and their legal teams can go through Minnesota’s previous car accident cases. These cases, while setting a precedent for the value of concepts like pain and suffering, make estimating a person’s potential compensation simpler.

When to Pursue Civil Action against Another Party

To start, injured parties must consider Minnesota’s approach to fault: the state operates on a no-fault policy. This means that regardless of responsibility in an accident, individual drivers, at first, need to turn to their own insurance providers to tend to their losses.  After that, the at-fault party will be responsible for your losses, such as unpaid medical, unpaid wage loss, future wage loss, past and future pain, and disability and emotional distress.  

Interested parties may have the best chance of pursuing compensation for their losses if they know to what degree they contributed to their accident’s fault. An Austin, Minnesota car accident attorney can help injured parties assess their accident and act on their findings.

The Question of Car Accident Liability

One of the most essential parts of a civil car accident complaint is a person’s liability. Anyone who wants to request compensation for their losses needs to identify the party they believe to be responsible for those losses.

The liable party in a car accident is not always another driver. Interested parties can work with a car accident lawyer in Austin to assess the liability of:

  • A car’s manufacturer
  • Government employees on the road
  • Construction crews
  • Commercial drivers or bus drivers
  • Truck drivers and their parent companies
  • A car’s mechanic
  • A restaurant or bar that over served them under Dram Shop laws

Liability involving these parties can be much more difficult to prove than it would be in a simple two-party car accident. It’s highly recommended to reach out to a lawyer to discuss how to prove liability in these cases.

Minnesota’s Statute of Limitations

Anyone who wants to take a car accident complaint to court needs to do so within Minnesota’s statute of limitations. Minnesota Civil Statute §541.07 gives all interested parties six years from the date of the accident to file a negligence claim, but as little as two years in some circumstances. Make sure to call an attorney to find out which statute of limitations applies to your case so that you do not lose your right to compensation.

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