4th of July Safe Ride Home

Get a FREE Uber Ride this July 4th

The 4th of July is almost here and with it comes a time for celebration, family, and friends. However, a day of fun and drinking can turn tragic if someone decides to get behind the wheel after having too much. In 2015, there were 411 fatalities on Minnesota roadways, 95 of which (23%) were drunk driving related. 2,203 more people suffered drunk driving related injuries and the National Safety Council estimated that drunk driving related crashes cost the state $285 million that year alone.

At Knutson + Casey in Mankato, we have been on both sides of drunk driving cases and know that immense harm that can be caused by a simple lack in judgment or poor decision. That’s why we have teamed up with Uber this 4th of July to ensure that Mankato residents have a safe ride home.

Our firm has purchased $1,500 worth of Uber credit that we are giving away to Mankato residents for free so they can get home safely! By simply signing the pledge below, you will be emailed a code worth $10 which can be used to get yourself home for the night. Not only will the attorney’s at Knutson + Casey be giving away free rides, they will be the ones giving them! Randy Knutson, Patrick Casey and Wade Abed will all be out driving Ubers the night of the 4th in support of the Pledge Against Drinking and Driving. By setting an example and encouraging Mankato residents to make smart choices, hopefully we can cut down on drunk driving related collisions and even save a life!

Event Details

  • There are 150, $10 codes available, one ride per guest
  • The codes are valid from 4pm on July 4th to 1am on July 5th
  • The codes work in a 10 mile radius from the Red, Hot, Boom celebration at the Vetter Stone Amphitheater
  • Codes will be emailed between 8am and 12pm on July 4th


Knutson + Casey Pledge Against Drinking and Driving