Guillain-Barré Syndrome Vaccine Injury Attorney

Guillain-Barré  Caused by the Flu (Influenza) Vaccine

In the last few years, there has been a large number of U.S. citizens injured as a result of receiving the flu vaccination. Many of those injured have ended up with a serious condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). For your benefit, we have put together a list of the vaccine injuries involving the flu vaccine and Guillain-Barré. This list shows the actual cases brought before the federal vaccine court. It lists the dollar amounts paid by the U.S. government to compensate those injured by the influenza vaccine. Let it be clear that the list is not comprehensive, as it does not list all cases that exist.

5/16/2013Influenza VaccineGBS12-533V$850,000
1/9/2014Influenza VaccineGBS11-552V$500,000
1/9/2014Influenza VaccineGBS11-552V$500,000
11/15/2013Influenza VaccineDeath, GBS09-653V$400,000
10/15/2012Influenza VaccineGBS10-376V$400,000
1/5/2012Influenza VaccineDeath, GBS10-364V$350,000
3/27/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-368V$345,000
9/21/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-79V$315,000
8/21/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-366V$311,000
11/19/2012Influenza VaccineGBS11-635V$310,000
8/16/2012Influenza VaccineGBS10-344V$300,000
2/2/2012Influenza VaccineGBS10-407V$300,000
1/30/2012Influenza VaccineGBS10-333V$300,000
10/20/2011Influenza VaccineGBS09-331V$300,000
10/18/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-144V$295,000
8/16/2013Influenza VaccineGBS10-866V$285,000
11/17/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-440V$285,000
7/18/2011Influenza VaccineGBS09-790V$275,000
8/2/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-146V$261,000
9/10/2014Influenza VaccineGBS13-429V$260,000
2/20/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-904V$250,000
10/11/2013Influenza VaccineGBS10-502V$250,000
7/29/2013Influenza VaccineGBS09-765V$250,000
10/18/2012Influenza VaccineDeath, GBS10-123V$235,000
9/25/2014Influenza VaccineGBS14-97V$225,000
2/27/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-306V$220,000
12/13/2013Trivalent Influenza VaccineCIDP, GBS10-442V$217,000
10/26/2011Influenza VaccineGBS09-451V$210,000
6/6/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-24V$205,000
1/16/2013Influenza VaccineDeath, GBS, Transverse Myelitis09-552V$200,000
7/22/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-154V$200,000
9/26/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-419V$185,000
4/7/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-535V$175,000
11/26/2012Influenza VaccineGBS11-493V$175,000
1/27/2012Influenza VaccineGBS09-858V$175,000
2/21/2014Trivalent Influenza VaccineGBS12-886V$170,000
8/21/2014Influenza VaccineGBS13-984V$170,000
7/9/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-671V$170,000
4/9/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-407V$165,360
1/17/2013Influenza VaccineGBS10-524V$165,000
9/9/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-755V$163,538
1/9/2012Influenza VaccineGBS10-292V$162,500
8/30/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-716V$160,850
4/15/2014Influenza VaccineDeath, GBS11-553V$160,718
3/15/2013Influenza VaccineGBS09-550V$160,000
9/15/2014Influenza VaccineGBS; Transverse Myelitis14-144V$160,000
8/4/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-876V$160,000
3/15/2013Influenza VaccineGBS09-550V$160,000
1/19/2014Influenza VaccineGBS10-596V$150,629
9/18/2013Trivalent Influenza VaccineGBS12-460V$150,000
7/31/2012Trivalent Influenza VaccineGBS10-549V$150,000
7/23/2014Influenza VaccineGuillain-Barre Syndrome13-178V$150,000
8/25/2014Influenza VaccineGBS13-537V$150,000
8/18/2014Influenza VaccineGBS11-649V$150,000
4/9/2014Influenza VaccineGBS13-199V$150,000
1/15/2014Influenza VaccineGBS11-292V$150,000
8/16/2013Influenza VaccineGBS12-287V$150,000
8/7/2013Influenza VaccineGBS12-903V$150,000
4/16/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-027V$145,000
3/6/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-290V$140,000
7/30/2012Influenza VaccineGBS09-773V$140,000
11/29/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-305V$140,000
6/30/2011Influenza VaccineChronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, GBS09-853V$140,000
4/8/2014Influenza VaccineGBS12-461V$135,000
7/17/2012Influenza Vaccine, TetanusGBS11-648V$130,000
8/15/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-601V$130,000
10/21/2013Influenza VaccineDeath, Guillaine-Barre Syndrome11-144V$126,000
8/12/2014Influenza VaccineGBS10-817V$125,000
10/22/2012Influenza VaccineGBS11-243V$125,000
12/7/2011Influenza VaccineGBS 09-831V$125,000
5/15/2012Influenza VaccineDeath, GBS10-620V$125,000
8/10/2011Influenza VaccineChronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, GBS10-31V$125,000
3/21/2014Influenza VaccineGBS09-656V$120,000
3/30/2012Influenza VaccineGBS10-406V$120,000
9/10/2014Influenza VaccineGBS13-309V$120,000
5/14/2013Influenza VaccineGBS12-416V$110,000
12/12/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-438V$109,962
6/27/2014Influenza Vaccines, TetanusGBS13-273V$105,000
5/2/2014Influenza VaccineGBS13-540V$105,000
6/24/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-417V$104,481
9/26/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-104V$103,000
2/29/2012Influenza Vaccine, TetanusGBS11-387V$100,000
6/20/2014Influenza VaccineGBS; Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)09-424V$100,000
10/24/2013Influenza VaccineGBS12-603V$100,000
8/23/2013Influenza VaccineGBS11-197V$100,000
11/21/2012Influenza VaccineGBS12-417V$100,000
10/31/2012Influenza VaccineGBS11-143V$100,000
10/10/2012Influenza VaccineGBS12-112V$100,000
7/24/2012Influenza VaccineGBS09-373V$100,000
11/15/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-19V$100,000
9/26/2011Influenza VaccineGBS10-159V$100,000
6/28/2011Influenza VaccineGBS09-768V$100,000

What is Guillain-Barré Syndrome?

Guillain-Barré (gee-YAH-buh-RAY) syndrome (GBS) is a pretty terrifying condition. It starts with weakness and tingling in the extremities and can eventually leading to paralysis. Although most people recover in time, death can occur.

Guillain-Barré is a rare disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves. Weakness and tingling in the extremities are usually the first symptoms. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing the whole body. In its most severe form Guillain-Barre syndrome is a medical emergency.  Most people with the condition must be hospitalized to receive treatment. (

There is no known cure for Guillain-Barre syndrome, but several treatments can ease symptoms and reduce the duration of the illness. Most people recover from Guillain-Barre syndrome, though some may experience lingering effects from it, such as weakness, numbness or fatigue. (Mayo Clinic)

Here is the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) definition:

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a rare disorder in which a person’s own immune system damages their nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. GBS can cause symptoms that last for a few weeks. Most people recover fully from GBS, but some people have permanent nerve damage. In very rare cases, people have died of GBS, usually from difficulty breathing.

One more description written by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke:

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is a disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. The first symptoms of this disorder include varying degrees of weakness or tingling sensations in the legs. In many instances the symmetrical weakness and abnormal sensations spread to the arms and upper body. These symptoms can increase in intensity until certain muscles cannot be used at all and, when severe, the person is almost totally paralyzed. In these cases the disorder is life threatening – potentially interfering with breathing and, at times, with blood pressure or heart rate – and is considered a medical emergency. Such an individual is often put on a ventilator to assist with breathing and is watched closely for problems such as an abnormal heart beat, infections, blood clots, and high or low blood pressure. Most individuals, however, have good recovery from even the most severe cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, although some continue to have a certain degree of weakness.

You’ll often find that news articles, television and other forms of media frequently ignore these facts about Influenza Settlement Cases. The fact that citizens are being injured by the flu vaccine is rarely mentioned. We believe everyone should know the risks of the flu vaccine, before getting the shots.

What are My Risks if I Get the Flu Shot?

The government’s official response is that the flu vaccination causes two cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) per one million doses. That’s a very small number (.0002%), but it’s difficult to be certain if the government’s calculation is correct. Interestingly, the actual flu vaccine manufacturers’ packet insert lists the numbers at one case out of a million. But one thing is for sure, adult influenza vaccine injury claims are now the leading injury claim in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

According the CDC, “There is a small possibility that influenza vaccine could be associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome, no more than 1 or 2 cases per million people vaccinated. This is much lower than the risk of severe complications from flu, which can be prevented by flu vaccine.”

What Treatments are Available for Guillain-Barré?

The autoimmune reaction in Guillain-Barré is directed against the myelin sheaths that surround the axons of peripheral nerves or the axons (parts of the nerve) themselves. The greatest point of weakness or paralysis can occur days or weeks after the first symptoms occur.

Because the signs and symptoms of Guillain-Barré vary, it can be difficult to diagnose the condition in the early stages. A physical exam as well as an examination of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) obtained from a spinal tap may help aid diagnosis.

Treatment of Guillain-Barré syndrome may include plasma exchange (plasmapheresis) and high-dose immunoglobulin therapy. A respirator may be used if the patient requires assistance to breathe.  Physical therapy can begin after the patient recovers limb control.

The recovery period after a bout of Guillain-Barré may be as little as a few weeks or as long as a few years. About 30% of those with Guillain-Barré may suffer from residual weakness after 3 years. (

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