New Ulm Car Accident Lawyer

Statistically, most people have at least one auto accident in their lives. When the accident results in injury or fatality, legal issues bring additional costs and considerations into the equation. This is especially true if the accident is clearly another driver’s fault.

Sometimes, insurance companies do not reimburse everything the victim needs to cover medical and auto expenses. Additionally, the victim is likely dealing with a large repair or replacement bill for an automobile. Worse yet, all the above can happen at once. If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a car accident, contact our New Ulm personal injury attorneys of Knutson + Casey. You can discuss the details of your case over a free consultation and learn your best legal options.

Why Knutson + Casey

The attorneys at Knutson + Casey have an excellent record of helping Minnesotans with legal settlements after automobile-related injury.

  • The attorneys have been practicing more than a quarter of a century, starting the firm in 1992.
  • Personal care for every case is the priority. One lawyer sees every case through from start to finish.
  • Knutson + Casey’s legal counsel is often on a contingency-fee basis. This means the victim does not pay out of pocket; rather, they pay only if the firm reaches a settlement.

Common New Ulm Cases Related to Automobile Accidents

Certain legal battles commonly arise after an automobile accident. Often, they come at the worst time for the victim, who may already be experiencing grief, injury, and missed work. Below are a few examples of cases where Knutson + Casey may be able to help.

  • The attorneys have vast experience settling cases where death or injury occurred due to a highway accident that is the fault of another driver. Knutson + Casey may be able to help the victim settle for compensatory damages, and if applicable, punitive damages.
  • The attorneys have experience in cases of death or injury due to accidents where no one was clearly at fault. An example of this would be a snow- or ice-related incident or swerving to miss a large object in the road. If insurance does not adequately compensate the victim and a legal dispute arises, that is where the attorneys come in.
  • The attorneys have experience with scenarios where another driver wrongfully blames the victim for all or partial fault in the accident. Knutson + Casey can carry out an investigation and find the facts.

No two automobile accidents are the same. During a consultation, the attorneys can learn about the merit, details, and best approach for a new case.

Minnesota’s No-Fault Accident Laws

Minnesota is a no-fault state, which varies from some other U.S. states. In some cases, this helps the client, because an at-fault-party does not have to be officially determined to pursue damages. However, almost every client must meet several prerequisites to pursue damages after an accident under the Minnesota law.

  • The victim must provide proof that he or she incurred more than $4,000 in medical expenses directly related to the auto accident.
  • The victim must also be able to prove that 60 or more days of disability have taken place because of the accident.

In the worst-case scenarios, the victim dies or becomes severely disabled, in which case their family may have a right to trial. In other cases, the victim may only be slightly physically affected, but can still qualify for pursuing damages. The types of cases and trials that arise after an accident are diverse, but the lawyers at Knutson + Casey believe that each case and outcome is as important as the last.

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