Albert Lea Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury accidents can take place in various forms. Even if you come away from an accident with just a sprained ankle or a concussion, these accidents can significantly change your day-to-day life. Those consequences can be even more consuming when your condition is the result of another person’s negligence.

If you believe that another person may be liable for your losses, know that you are not alone. You can meet with an Albert Lea personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal rights. If you want to pursue financial compensation, the team at Knutson + Casey will help you do just that.  Attorney Randy Knutson has more than 29 years of experience in personal injury law and car accident cases.  

Contending with Personal Injuries after an Accident

There are several different kinds of personal injuries that a person can incur. While the circumstances that lead to a personal injury may differ, Minnesota classifies them all under the same civil title. As a result, the statute of limitations on each of these claims will be the same.

Injured parties can file a complaint for personal injury compensation when faced with:

Minnesota law states that the statute of limitations for negligence is 6 years, and wrongful death is 3 years.  Other statutes of limitations can be as short as 2 years.  Make sure and contact an attorney to learn the time limitations that apply to your case.

What Compensation Can People Request in a Personal Injury Case?

When a person is recovering from a personal injury, their ability to take care of their financial needs can become strained. Fortunately, a personal injury complaint allows injured parties to pursue financial support throughout their recovery period.

Compensation for Medical Expenses

No matter what kind of personal injury a person suffers from, medical expenses can rapidly become the most pressing of their concerns. The injured party can include the cost of essential, accident-related medical procedures in their legal request for compensation. Related expenses can also include the cost of medication, mobility aids, and long-term physical therapy.

Compensation for Intangible Losses

Injured parties can list more than just their physical losses in a comprehensive complaint. Parties are also entitled to intangible losses, otherwise known as non-economic losses. These damages can include pain and suffering or loss of companionship. Interested parties may even be able to request compensation for conditions such as PTSD.

How to File a Personal Injury Complaint

To file a personal injury complaint, injured individuals need to have the right information on hand. This includes the name of the liable party, evidence of liability, and an estimate of the injured party’s losses. 

The question of liability is often the one that’s the most difficult to answer. Anyone struggling to identify liability in a personal injury case can turn to an Albert Lea personal injury attorney. Together, all invested parties can determine what evidence appeared at the scene of the injury and how that may contribute to a person’s duty of care to the injured party.

Let an Albert Lea Personal Injury Lawyer Work for You

You do not have to live with the consequences of someone else’s negligence. If you or someone you care about has experienced an accident resulting in personal injury, you may be entitled to financial support. Albert Lea’s personal injury lawyers can help you bring a claim to the insurance company responsible.  More than 90% of our client’s cases settle with the insurance companies without a trial.  If a trial is necessary, our attorneys have brought hundreds of cases to trial, successfully, on our client’s behalves. 

For more information about the legal services available to you, call Knutson + Casey at (507) 344-8888 or by filling out our online form. We’ve helped thousands of individuals, and our Southern Minnesota team is ready to help fight for your compensation.