Albert Lea Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

For motorcyclists in Albert Lea, there’s no feeling that can compare to cruising down the road, embracing the fresh Minnesota air. Riding in the open air can be liberating, but motorcycles are a risky mode of transportation. They do not afford the same level of defense as other vehicles, making them exponentially more dangerous than a car or truck. 

Motorcycle accidents happen often, and the results are usually troubling. Even if you follow every law and safety protocol, circumstances beyond your control can lead to you being involved in a motorcycle accident, sustaining life-threatening injuries. If you or someone you love have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you should consider speaking to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. The legal team at Knutson + Casey can help you file a claim and obtain fair compensation for your damages.

What Injuries Can You Have after a Motorcycle Accident?

Like any collision, motorcycle accidents have many possible consequences. Injuries, property damage, and legal fees are just a few examples of the issues you may encounter following a motorcycle accident. The extent of your problems depends on numerous factors such as location, speed, and other vehicles involved in the accident.

In terms of injuries, riders are most often wounded in the lower half of their bodies. These injuries can include road rash, torn muscles, or broken bones. The upper body may be affected by broken arms, road rash, and torn shoulder ligaments. Though it may be less frequent, the abdomen can also be harmed, resulting in bruised organs, internal bleeding, and severe road rash.

Your injuries could be worse if you aren’t wearing any protective gear. Riders who don’t wear helmets often suffer from head injuries including concussions, brain bruising, and traumatic brain injuries. Lack of protection also contributes to the prevalence of open wounds. Open wounds are vulnerable to infection, leading to even more medical issues.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Albert Lea, MN

Reckless drivers often create unforeseen dangers, and motorcycles have unique challenges that make them more vulnerable to harm in these situations. For example, motorcycles easily fit into cars’ blind spots, therefore, motorcycle accidents can be caused by a driver’s lack of awareness of their surroundings. 

If you end up in a driver’s blind spot, they are more likely to switch lanes without noticing you’re there. Likewise, if you’re riding your bike down a street where there is parallel parking, a driver may open their car door in front of you, blocking your way. While these would be relatively minor collisions for cars, these accidents are more likely to have deadly outcomes for motorcyclists because of a motorcycle’s inherent vulnerabilities.

What Determines Liability in Albert Lea Motorcycle Accidents?

When seeking compensation for your motorcycle accident, ascribing liability to the negligent party is an integral part of the legal process. The negligent party is liable for any harm they caused in an accident, whether to the passenger or the rider. Whoever is found liable for the damages will be responsible for compensating the victims. However, determining liability isn’t as simple as pointing fingers at the nearest person at the scene of the accident. Proving liability can be a complex process that may involve multiple parties, and you will need evidence to justify your claims. 

Minnesota is a “no-fault” car insurance state, meaning your own car insurance covers certain damages after an accident, regardless of who caused it. As a result, your options for pursuing a claim against someone else are restricted. If your injuries are severe enough, you may be able to file a claim against the negligent party that caused the accident. 

The negligence of multiple parties may be responsible for your motorcycle accident. If the motorcycle crashed with another vehicle, then that vehicle’s operator could be deemed liable for damages. 

If the motorcycle, its parts, or your protective gear is found to be defective, you may be able to assign liability to the manufacturers of those products. In both scenarios, the plaintiff would need to prove the other party’s irresponsible actions that led to the accident.

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As a motorcycle rider, you are more likely to experience severe injuries compared to those who drive cars. Your injury may have a long-term or permanent impact on your everyday life. At Knutson + Casey, we want to make sure you are never financially burdened due to someone else’s carelessness. Though Minnesota has no-fault laws, we can still help you recover damages beyond what insurance companies are usually willing to pay. 

It can be challenging to pursue fair compensation for a motorcycle accident with numerous factors at play. That is why we’ll conduct our investigation into your accident and pursue the responsible parties. The legal team at Knutson + Casey has the knowledge and resources necessary to handle your case successfully. We have experienced lawyers that have helped thousands of clients and will work hard to protect your peace of mind.

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