Owatonna Car Accident Lawyer

The impacts of a car accident last long beyond the accident itself. If you or your passengers were injured in an Owatonna car accident, there’s a chance that your medical bills may linger for years after you have officially recovered. The loss of personal property can also create difficultly in the aftermath of an accident.

You do not have to suffer your post-accident losses alone. If you want to challenge them, you can call on an Owatonna car accident attorney. The team at Knutson + Casey has decades of experience fighting for Minnesota residents just like you. Our team can bring your insurance claim on your behalf, or if necessary, a civil complaint before a judge. 

Reacting to Common Car Accidents in Southern Minnesota

Car accidents come in many forms and can result in all kinds of damage. For instance, T-bones tend to damage different parts of a car than front-end collisions, but both can leave drivers and their passengers shaken. The immediate aftermath of a car accident feels like a blur. Once all injured parties receive the medical care they need, drivers are left to deal with property damage and long-term health problems.

Minnesota No Fault Law

To start, injured parties must consider Minnesota’s approach to no fault.  Minnesota operates on a no-fault policy basis. This means that at first, regardless of responsibility in an accident, individual drivers turn to their own car insurance providers to tend to their losses.  After that, the at-fault party will be responsible for their losses, such as unpaid medical, unpaid wage loss, future wage loss, past and future pain, and disability and emotional distress.  

Taking Claims Action, or Legal Action against a Liable Party

Most cases at Knutson Casey settle with the insurance companies as claims.  Knutson Casey has tried hundreds of cases, and the insurance companies are aware of this fact.  90% or more of our cases settle as insurance claims.  When things go south though, and the insurance companies do not make a fair offer, Knutson Casey can file a complaint against another party involved in the car accident. These complaints identify the party as an injured person who wishes to be held liable for their losses.

Establishing liability is not always a straightforward endeavor, however. In some car accidents, the person liable for an injured party’s losses may not even be at the scene. Instead, some of the most common liable parties, other than an involved drive, can include mechanics or a car’s manufacturer. Others potentially liable parties include:

  • Government officials who failed to maintain roads
  • Construction crews who didn’t mark construction sites
  • A commercial driver’s parent company
  • Someone who negligently entrusted their vehicle to another person
  • Bars who over served drivers under Dram Shop Law

Under most circumstances, liability interplays with Minnesota’s duty of care. To assess duty of care at the scene of an accident, interested parties can schedule a case consultation with a car accident attorney in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Fighting for Financial Support

The financial support an injured party may be eligible for after a car accident depends entirely on that person’s losses. While a person’s potential compensation may outstrip their losses, the base estimation should be taken from that person’s tangible and intangible losses.

Tangible losses, otherwise known as economic losses, are those damages with inherent economic value. These can include damaged property and medical bills. Interested parties can submit a third party’s estimate of their physical losses along with their complaint.

Intangible losses can also be referred to as non-economic losses. These losses include conditions such as past and future medical bills, past and future wage loss, pain, emotional distress and suffering, disability, disfigurement, or long-term discomfort. Interested parties can refer to previous car accident cases in Owatonna to determine what kind of dollar value to assign to these losses.

Call On an Owatonna Car Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible

Car accidents actively endanger you and your loved ones. Often in the aftermath of an accident, you may struggle to contend with the financial challenges thrown your way. Fortunately, you do not have to tackle your post-accident expenses alone. If your insurance does not help you cover your losses, is delaying the matter, or is not taking responsibility, call on our Owatonna car accident lawyers. The team with Knutson + Casey is ready to fight for the financial support you deserve.

For more information about the legal services available to you, call Knutson + Casey at (507) 344-8888 or by filling out our online form. We’ve helped thousands of individuals, and our Southern Minnesota team is ready to help fight for your compensation.