Mankato Probation Violation Attorney

If you have been sentenced to probation, you might think that you no longer need legal counsel. After all, while your conviction may necessitate supervision by the state, you are at least free and able to begin rebuilding your life after being charged with a crime. However, being on probation comes with its own set of requirements, which can easily result in violations due to errors of judgment or misunderstandings. Hiring an experienced Mankato probation lawyer is essential to help you navigate the complexities of probation or assist if you have inadvertently broken the rules of supervision. 

Knutson + Casey has worked with thousands of clients who are unaware of how stringent probation requirements are and how easy it is to run afoul of them. Not only can we provide you with the necessary guidance to remain on the right side of the law, but we may also be able to step in as needed should you incur any violations while on probation. 

What to Know About Probation in Minnesota

Probation is typically issued as a sentence instead of incarceration. If you’ve been given probation, you have been convicted of the crime for which you’ve been charged, or your charges have been “stayed.” Upon issuing probation in Minnesota, the court will issue parameters by which you must abide during the entire period of supervision. 

The terms of your probation are generally non-negotiable, and you must agree to abide by all of them, even if you don’t necessarily understand what is expected of you. Typical probation conditions in Minnesota include: 

  • Participating in community service
  • Paying fines/restitution to victims
  • Electronic home monitoring
  • Nightly curfews
  • Remaining drug and alcohol-free and submitting to random testing
  • Refraining from committing any other crimes while being supervised by the court

The nature of probation conditions typically depends on the severity and type of crime committed. The more serious the crime, the more stringent the probation parameters and the more you must do every month to maintain your probation. If you fail to meet probation conditions as set by the court, your probation officer may issue you a violation. Even if you violated the terms of your probation by accident (i.e., maybe you were sick or didn’t realize you had to show up at a specific time for a drug test or probation meeting), you would still be required to appear in court as a result.

Why You Need a Mankato Probation Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of violating your probation for any reason, your first move should be hiring a Mankato probation attorney. The court has broad discretion in handling probation violations, so working with a skilled attorney may help you avoid jail time or more serious probation parameters. The last thing you want is to face the court with a violation hanging over your head and no effective legal representation to guide you in making the right decisions for your future. 

It is also prudent to retain legal counsel if the conditions of your probation are incredibly strict. Sometimes, a simple misunderstanding can result in a violation. You don’t want to wait until you are contending with a violation to get the help of a Mankato probation lawyer. Being proactive in dealing with the terms of your supervision can help you avoid trouble down the road. 

What Happens at a Mankato Probation Hearing

If you are found to have violated your probation, you will be required to attend a hearing. At this time, your probation officer will present a report to the court regarding the details of the violation. This is often the point when damaging evidence is levied against you regarding whatever infraction you allegedly committed in violating the terms of your probation agreement. 

Having a Mankato probation lawyer on your side during a probation hearing can make a big difference. The attorneys at Knutson + Casey are experienced in mitigating any damaging impacts of evidence presented at violation hearings. We will determine the best possible defense and work to sway the court to give you another chance. 

Request a Free Consultation with an Elite Mankato Probation Attorney

If you find yourself struggling with the parameters of probation or have violated your terms in any way, the first thing you need to do is call a Mankato probation lawyer you can count on to help. Knutson + Casey has an extensive background assisting clients on probation to deal with any violations with which you might have to contend. We understand all too well that for many individuals, probation is an ideal alternative to jail time, so we will mount an aggressive defense on your behalf to avoid the worst-case scenario. 

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