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Harassment Charges in Mankato, Minnesota

Being accused of harassment may not appear to be a serious legal matter, but it can lead to being charged with a felony depending on the details of the incident. Those who have been accused of engaging in harassment generally face victims who claim to have been fearful for their lives due to intimidation, threats, or similar behaviors. However, the actions reported by an alleged victim may be based on a false perception, and the harassment never actually occurred. In other circumstances, an accused person may be criminally charged based on the details of the event that caused the alleged victim to pursue a harassment accusation. 

In many harassment cases, the charge is often only a misdemeanor, but if the court deems that the harassment is serious, it can be charged as a felony. The details of the alleged conduct, including the age of the victim and whether or not a weapon was used, are examined carefully before determining an exact charge. In most cases, if harassment occurs because of discrimination (e.g., disability, nationality, race, or sexuality), the offense is treated much more seriously.

Facing an accusation of harassment can be difficult and devastating, which is why it is vital to speak with an experienced southern Minnesota criminal attorney as soon as possible. You will learn about your rights, receive information about your charges, and learn more about your legal options in addition to receiving the necessary criminal defense needed to obtain the best result.

Fighting Harassment Charges in Mankato, Minnesota

Harassment accusations are often followed by a restraining order that is put in place to keep the accused away from the alleged victim. These documents are classified as either Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO) or Orders for Protection (OFP). An HRO is designated for parties that are not related or do not live together in the same household, whereas an OFP is created for victims of domestic violence.

Individuals in Mankato can also be charged with harassment if the court believes that they interfered with the privacy of the alleged victim with or without their knowledge. This can include surveillance, spying, or any similar use of technology to watch or monitor another person while they believed they were in a private environment.

It is essential to maintain compliance with a restraining order if you have been served with one in Mankato, regardless of whether you are innocent of the accusations that led to the protective order. If you fail to follow the guidelines established in the restraining order, you can face severe punishments including jail time, fines, and much more. 

Challenging Restraining Orders in Mankato, Minnesota

Certain cases that involve harassment are related to parental visitation, and restraining orders are misused as a way for one parent to prevent the other from seeing their children. In these cases, when a restraining order is filed out of spite with no legitimate actions of harassment having been committed by the accused, working with a reliable defense lawyer in Mankato can make it easier for you to build a strong defense for your case. 

Obtaining dedicated and trustworthy counsel from a Mankato lawyer is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you present a well-developed strategy to defend your side of the case in court.

Building a Strategic Offense with a Mankato Lawyer

In certain circumstances, a harassment charge can occur if an alleged threat is made by the accused. Depending on the situation, however, a simple comment might be misconstrued as a threat by the accuser. Occasionally, statements with innocent intentions may be confused for threats; in these situations, it is important to establish intent. As a result, it is essential that all the relevant facts associated with the event are obtained and analyzed.

Partnering with a Mankato criminal defense attorney will provide you with assistance from someone that can gather important facts on your behalf. Your legal representative can use information concerning the incident to help secure the best outcome of your case. 

Contact an Experienced Harassment Defense Lawyer in Mankato, Minnesota

Across southern Minnesota, cases of harassment are taken very seriously. Although the situation may not seem like it warrants a serious offense to the accused, the alleged victim may fear for their life. When this occurs, you need the best possible legal representation to ensure that your side of the situation is communicated. 

Everyone deserves a chance to have a strong defense. To learn more about your rights and options as someone being accused of harassment in Mankato, call Knutson + Casey at (507) 344-8888 or visit us online to schedule a free consultation today.