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Harassment may not seem like a serious criminal offense, but it is actually considered serious because it involves an individual engaging in conduct that makes another person fear for their life. If you have been accused of harassment, perhaps the alleged victim has stated that you make them feel persecuted, intimidated, or threatened in some way. Sometimes this is open to a person’s perception and actual harassment never occurred. Other times, an act can be considered harassment and this can result in a criminal charge.

If the harassment is deemed serious, it is possible for it to be charged as a felony rather than the usual misdemeanor. The exact charge is determined by the alleged conduct, the age of the victim, and whether or not a weapon was used during the alleged harassment. If harassment occurs because of discrimination (sex, age, race, disability, or national origin), the offense is taken almost as seriously as harassment that occurred with a weapon in hand.

If you or a loved one has been accused of harassment, it is imperative to speak with an experienced southern Minnesota criminal attorney as soon as possible. You will learn about your rights, will be informed about the charges against you, and you will find out what your options are. You will also receive the criminal defense that you need to obtain the proper result.

Fighting Charges

In addition to a harassment charge, a restraining order could be put in place to keep the accused away from the alleged victim. Violation of this order can result in arrest and additional criminal charges. It is very important to comply with a restraining order even if you are innocent so that you don’t find yourself in jail for a violation.

A person can also be charged with harassment if they are believed to have interfered with another person’s privacy. This means doing more than just looking through a window, but also using technology to spy on another individual when that person should be in a private environment.

Building a Strategic Defense

Lastly, a harassment charge can occur if an alleged threat is made. More common than not, a simple comment can be misconstrued as a threat. This is why it is very important that the facts are gathered. Your Mankato criminal defense attorney can gather those facts and use them to secure the best outcome in the case. If an innocent comment was taken as a threat, then the intent needs to be revealed. It is through the skill, knowledge, and commitment of you attorney that you will receive the advocacy you need to obtain the best result in your case.

Contact an Experienced Team

Harassment is an offense that is taken very seriously, as it causes another individual to feel fear. Although it may not seem like a serious offense, it is and that is why you need the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney. When you have the proper representation, you can obtain the best possible result in the case. To learn more about your rights and options, call Knutson+Casey at (507) 344-8888 to schedule a free consultation with us today

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