Mankato Fraud Lawyer

A fraud charge can have wide-reaching consequences that impact your reputation, livelihood and freedom. While some willfully engage in such actions, others get caught in extenuating and far less nefarious circumstances. A sound legal defense is your best recourse to address fraud charges and attempt to successfully combat them. 

Overcoming fraud charges involves working with a firm that is squarely on your side when it comes to criminal defense. Knutson + Casey offers a team of premier Mankato fraud lawyers that work to protect the rights of the accused. Your fraud attorney should be invested in ensuring that fraud charges don’t adversely impact your life.  Fraud can sometimes involve hundreds or thousands of pages of documents, and a law firm needs to be prepared to review, organize and understand the documents.  Hiring a Mankato fraud lawyer to guide you through the legal system ensures that you are not in this fight on your own. 

How to Identify Fraud in Mankato

Fraud is defined as the act of willingly deceiving a person or entity to obtain money, goods, services or property. There are various categories of fraud, including: 

  • Medical/healthcare assistance
  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • Mail
  • Giving false information/statements
  • Credit/debit card
  • Telecommunications
  • Securities/investments

There are other numerous forms of fraud, such as passing worthless bank checks, identity theft and those associated with other illegal enterprises. 

Even though some fraud cases are more impactful than others, the result is typically a negative emotional, social or financial outcome. As such, a reputable Mankato fraud lawyer is necessary to argue against the conjecture that can sometimes surround fraud cases. 

Work with a Mankato Fraud Lawyer to Avoid Penalties

The penalties for fraud-related crimes in Minnesota vary depending on the specifics of the charges and the individual in question. Common penalties within the auspices of this criminal category include jail, probation, community service, fines/restitution and the relinquishment of any items obtained via the fraudulent activity. In some cases, a government entity may seize and auction items simply after possessing them for a certain period. 

Hiring an experienced and skilled Mankato fraud lawyer provides the necessary guidance to learn how you might avoid penalties in situations where other options are available to you. Knutson + Casey has a team of dedicated attorneys that can help mount a vigorous defense. 

Hire an Experienced Mankato Fraud Attorney 

When it comes to defending against fraud, it is essential to work with a thorough, talented, and empathetic attorney. Working with one of Knutson + Casey’s Mankato criminal defense attorneys provides you with the best chance to resolve fraud-related legal issues. 

Knutson + Casey has helped numerous Southern Minnesota clients dealing with fraud cases to overcome their charges with skilled criminal defense strategies. The goal is to demonstrate a lack of will and intention, both of which are concepts that the Knutson + Casey team is well-versed in conveying. If you have been accused of fraud, call (612) 453-4774 or complete this online contact form for a free consultation.