Mankato Murder Lawyer

Murder is one of the most serious criminal charges you can face. Regardless of the nature of murder charges, it is vital to seek qualified representation immediately. In Minnesota, murder is characterized by three degrees: first, second, and third. Of the three degrees, first-degree murder is the most severe, as it involves premeditation and intent. As a leading Mankato firm, murder lawyers at Knutson + Casey have the experience and knowledge necessary to create a defense strategy if you’ve been charged with murder. 

We understand that everything is not as it seems when it comes to criminal charges of this magnitude. Therefore, after conducting a thorough case review, we create a customized approach to your case to ensure that we are effectively advocating for your rights and freedom. We take an aggressive approach to your defense to provide you with the best possible chance of retaining your freedom. Given the stringent penalties associated with a murder conviction, you need a legal team that you can trust to help you beat these charges and return to your life. 

What are Minnesota’s Murder Classifications?

Understanding how Minnesota classifies murders can indicate how they may be penalized. This knowledge helps to determine an appropriate defense strategy that offers the best odds of winning your freedom. Moreover, it helps to know exactly what is at stake in terms of possible penalties.

First Degree Murder

A first-degree murder charge can include a premeditation component or conduct that causes the death of another person while committing a felony. This charge is also implemented when another person kills a law enforcement officer, or if the death of a child is caused by child abuse. 

Second Degree Murder

A second-degree murder charge is broken into intentional and unintentional acts. Intentional second-degree murder is the charge when a person intends to cause someone’s death, but does so without premeditation. Unintentional second-degree murder is characterized by unintentionally causing the death of another throughout the course of certain felonies or while violating an order for protection. 

Third Degree Murder

There are also two types of third-degree murder. The first is an unintentional death caused during a dangerous act with a depraved mental state. The second is a death related to certain drug offenses. 

The category of murder with which you’ve been charged will determine the extent of any punishment levied against you. This is one of the reasons that it is vital to work with a Mankato murder lawyer that has the experience necessary to mount the proper defense for the charges in question. 

What to Look for in a Skilled Mankato Murder Attorney

When looking to hire a qualified Mankato murder lawyer, you need a team you can trust to mount a vigorous defense on your behalf. Given the severity of the charges, your legal team must have the necessary experience and resources to help you fight the charges in question. 

We consider every option available to you. This may include working with you to get the charges reduced so that the penalty is not as stringent. We leave no stone unturned and may work with you on law enforcement questioning that might result in leniency in the court system or negotiate with the prosecutor to determine if lesser charges might be a consideration. 

Other times, we may find that improper methods were used to gather evidence against you or eyewitness testimony is not particularly strong. We may opt to prepare an aggressive trial defense to garner a “not guilty” verdict in this situation. 

What are the Penalties for Murder in Minnesota?

A first-degree murder conviction nets a sentence of life in person. The maximum prison sentence for second-degree murder in Minnesota up to 40 years. The maximum sentence for third-degree murder in Minnesota is 25 years in prison. For drug-related third-degree murder offenses, the incarceration component of sentencing is the same, but a fine of up to $40,000 is included. 

In addition to serving time for your crimes, you may also be required to register as a violent offender upon release. This can hurt your chances of obtaining a job or housing as you attempt to re-enter society. We will advocate for you in every way we can to ensure that murder charges do not mark your entire life. 

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If you are facing a murder charge, you need the best. After all, your freedom is at stake, as is your reputation, livelihood, and future. If you are convicted of murder in Minnesota, getting your life back on track will be extremely difficult. Don’t take chances with an unproven legal team. Knutson + Casey boasts effective, compassionate representation and believes that everyone deserves a chance to defend themselves no matter what charges you may be facing.

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