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Choosing a daycare is one of the most significant and important decisions you can make as a parent. Your child’s safety and wellness are your number one concern. Entrusting another to care for your child is frightening and can be nerve-wracking. If something goes wrong, and your child is injured at daycare, you may need to take many actions, including reporting to social services or the agency that handles licensing of daycares.  Your pediatrician may report the matter to the police or social services as a mandated reporter. Knutson + Casey understands these cases, and what needs to be done. Knutson Casey has stood by countless parents as they have looked into daycare injuries, and brought claims on behalf of their children.

In many instances, a facility may not be transparent about the circumstances of the injury in question. If your child is too young to verbalize it themselves, you may feel as though you will never really know what happened. Our firm specializes in getting to the bottom of each daycare injury case with thorough investigation and over 30 years of experience, in order to prevent the same thing from happening to another family down the road.

Signs of a Mankato Daycare Injury

When it comes to children, it can be hard to know the difference between injuries indicative of child’s play and more serious injuries sustained through the carelessness of the daycare facility in question. Signs that your child may have sustained a daycare injury include:

  • They have access to dangerous items: If your child has been hurt, take a look around the daycare to determine what potential hazards might exist in this space. Do the children have access to sharp objects or items that can be harmful? Since daycare facilities are not typically forthcoming with contributing factors to the incident, it is entirely possible your child encountered an item they should not have been able to access.
  • Your child repeatedly comes home injured in some way: Children at play may sometimes sustain superficial injuries. However, your child should not continuously come home with scrapes, bruises or more serious ailments. If this is more than just an occasional occurrence, then it is time to dig deeper into what’s happening when you are not around.
  • Your child suddenly withdraws: While mental, emotional or physical withdrawal from you or other adults does not always mean your child is being injured during daycare hours, it can certainly mean that something is wrong. When you drop your child off, look at the staff-to-student ratios. Sometimes, the overworked staff is shorter on patience than those with enough hands to spare. The result can sometimes be carelessness or negligence that manifests as injury to your child.

If you suspect that your child has been injured at daycare, working with a Mankato daycare injury lawyer is an effective way to ensure that your child gets the justice they deserve. No child should be harmed when in the care of trusted adults. Knutson + Casey will help you get to the bottom of this issue and hold the daycare in question accountable for their actions.

Obtain Legal Counsel So You Can Protect Your Child

If you suspect that your daycare has been negligent resulting in an injury to your child, it is vital to act quickly. Report the incident to the proper authorities (where applicable) and then retain counsel to guide you through the legal system. Hiring a Mankato daycare injury lawyer to initiate a claim will ensure your family can be compensated for the resulting fallout of such an injury. This is especially pertinent if your child was injured and required medical care.

Compensation for your daycare injury claim can ensure that you have the financial resources necessary to address any medical expenses as well as therapies your child may need because of the injury. If you lost wages addressing the situation, an experienced attorney may be able to get you compensation for the wages you lost.

Holding a daycare responsible for injuries your child may have sustained while in attendance is not only crucial for your child’s well-being but also for that of other children. Daycare providers should not be able to get away with perpetuating unsafe environments and practices that have caused injury to children. If you suspect that your child has been a victim, contact a Mankato daycare injury lawyer right away. We will fight alongside you to get the compensation your family deserves for enduring the repercussions of such an incident.

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