Mankato Burn Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and people can get tragically injured. When accidents result in burns, the severity level can make devastating and painful changes in a person’s life. Burn injuries can leave victims with extensive physical and psychological wounds that impair their ability to do day-to-day activities, as well as permanent scarring and disfigurement.  Frequently a plastic surgeon must be consulted.  Whether the burns resulted from a product failing to perform as designed, a car accident, or a backyard bonfire, a skilled lawyer can help you get the compensation you need. 

Lawyers that are extensively experienced with personal injuries such as burns are here to help you. The team at Knutson + Casey is prepared to assist burn victims with receiving proper compensation for their injuries. For injuries that have resulted from negligence or carelessness of someone else, you’ll need a skilled Mankato burn injury lawyer to help you. 

Types of Accidents Burn Injury Lawyers Handle

Burns can be a result of a variety of different occurrences, be it an accident or negligence. Accidents resulting in burns can be the outcome of many various events, but some of the common types of accidents burn injury lawyers handle include:

  • Apartment Building Fires
  • Defective Products
  • Electrical Accidents
  • Recreational Fires
  • Locked Fire Exits
  • Car and Truck Accidents

What Are the Different Types of Burns?

The severity of burns is split into three main tiers: first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree.

  • First-degree burns affect the top layer of skin that you can treat easily.
  • Second-degree burns go deeper than first-degree and take much longer to heal from. These burns are usually bandaged. 
  • Third-degree burns are very severe burns, go through all layers of skin, and can even reach bones or organs. Burns of this degree are very serious and need to be treated immediately, as they can result in permanent nerve damage, hypothermia, and even death.

Burns are further categorized into types – thermal, light, chemical, and radiation.

  • Thermal – caused by sources of extreme heat, such as fire or steam
  • Light – caused by sunlight 
  • Chemical – caused by chemical, acid, or alkali explosion
  • Radiation – caused by contact with nuclear radiation

Hundreds of thousands of people are treated in the U.S. every year for burn injuries, and some are fatal. If you have been the victim of a burn due to someone else’s negligence, a lawyer can help uphold your rights and help get you the compensation you deserve. 

Contact a Burn Injury Lawyer in Mankato

Burn injury lawyers can help burn victims receive compensation for their injuries following accidents caused by carelessness or negligence of someone else. Injuries that involve extensive burns are expensive and time-consuming to treat. For example, even a simple infection in a first or second-degree burn can become serious very quickly. Treatments involve lengthy procedures and can cost thousands of dollars. This is where a burn injury attorney comes in. 

Those looking to obtain a knowledgeable and skilled Mankato personal injury attorney to help with their lawsuit can turn to the talented individuals at Knutson + Casey. The attorneys at Knutson + Casey have helped thousands across Southern Minnesota and are prepared to help get you the compensation you deserve for your pain. Call (507) 344-8888 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.