What You Need to Know About False Accusations of Sexual Assault

Being falsely accused of a crime as serious as sexual assault can be extremely frightening. While you may be feeling helpless and unsure of what your options are, there are several things you should know about how to handle a false accusation of sexual assault. While it may feel easy to panic, when you work with an experienced criminal justice attorney, you can be assured that your rights will be defended.

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Essential Tips for Handling a False Sexual Assault Allegation

There are many different reasons that a person may falsely accuse you of sexual assault. Whether that individual is seeking revenge or they are trying to get the upper hand in a custody battle, the fact remains that it is wrong. Being falsely accused of a crime as serious as this can result in severe legal repercussions and affect your personal life for years to come.

While you and your criminal defense attorney may know you are innocent, it is up to you to ensure that you do not do anything in the interim to make a court think otherwise. The following tips are crucial to help maintain your innocence after being falsely accused of sexual assault:

Do Not Ignore the Charges

Even though you may know that the allegations are false, it is important that you act proactively to defend yourself. The charges will not disappear just because you are innocent. You must contact a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights as soon as you are made aware of the charges.

Write Down Your Own Recollection of Events

While your accuser may tell one story, if you remember things taking place differently, it is important that you document exactly what you recall occurring. You should include as many details as you can recall like:

  • The clothes you were wearing
  • Where you were
  • The lighting of the area
  • If either of you had consumed drugs or alcohol and how much

You should also include a list of any witnesses who may be able to corroborate your statement.

Do Not Let Your Emotions Affect You

After being falsely accused of this serious crime, you will likely be feeling a wide range of emotions. You may be feeling angry or hurt, but it is essential that you keep your emotions in check and remember that everything you say or do can be used against you in your case.

Make Sure Your Lawyer Is Aware of Any Evidence That Could Be Used Against You

In the age of smartphones that can record at the click of a button, it is important that you make your lawyer aware of any and all evidence that could potentially be at your accuser’s disposal. Whether you sent an angry text message or there could have been security footage of the incident, this will all be valuable information for your legal team.

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