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Car accidents fall under the broader personal injury category in Southern Minnesota. If you get into a car accident, you may be able to take legal action against the party liable for your losses courtesy of personal injury legislation. When is the right time to take legal action, and how can it benefit your recovery?

Our personal injury and car accident attorneys in Wilmar, MN are here to answer these questions and others about your possible civil case. It’s our goal when offering you a free case consultation to help you down the road toward the financial support you need to recover from your losses.

Car Accidents Qualify as Personal Injury Cases in Wilmar, Minnesota 

Car accident claims independently describe the circumstances that led to your collision. However, these cases fall under the broader category of personal injury cases. While every car accident may qualify as a personal injury case, not every personal injury case is a car accident case.

Fortunately, our Wilmar personal injury lawyers can help with both car accident and broader personal injury claims. When you bring your concerns to our personal injury attorneys in Wilmar, Minnesota, we may be able to break down the circumstances that led to your accident. We can then use those details to categorize your case against the broad spectrum of civil suits available to Wilmar residents.

When to Bring a Wilmar Personal Injury Case to Civil Court

You need to work quickly if you want to present either a car accident or a broader personal injury case to a civil judge. Minnesota limits your actionable time with its statute of limitations,  Minnesota Statutes §541.07. From the day your accident takes place, you’ll only have two years to bring your complaint to fruition.

That’s why it’s important for you to contact an appropriate personal injury attorney as soon as you can after an accident. The faster you get in touch with an experienced professional, the better protected you can be from your upcoming deadline. We may be able to undertake car accident and personal injury investigations while you’re still recovering from your injuries.

Understanding the Benefits to Filing a Personal Injury/Car Accident Claim in Wilmar, MN

If you’re contending with injuries related to a car accident or personal injury, you may be reluctant to pursue a civil claim. Claims, after all, can feel as though they’ll place a significant demand on your already-limited free time. This, however, is not the case. Instead, our Wilmar personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers can step in and make it easy to file your case.

The benefits of filing a personal injury and/or car accident claim can include:

Requesting Financial Support for Your Recovery

Car accident and personal injury claims both allow you to demand compensation in exchange for the losses you endured. You can work with an attorney to analyze the economic and non-economic losses you feel you endured when your accident took place.

You can back a list of your economic losses with the bills related to your post-accident recovery. These can range from your medical invoices to the cost of repairing the damage done to your car. You can even include the cost of rental vehicles, should you need to temporarily borrow a car.

Your non-economic damages, comparatively, aren’t so concrete. We apply multipliers to the sum of your economic damages to stand in for losses like emotional distress or pain and suffering. These multipliers ensure you’re compensated for the stress that goes along with the average personal injury and/or car accident. Calculation of the damages in a personal injury case are complex and you will benefit from having a Wilmar car accident lawyer on your side. 

Choose How You Want Your Case to Play Out

Filing a personal injury or car accident claim can feel as though you’re locking yourself into a certain course of action. This, however, is not the case. Our team works with you to make sure that the process of assessing your losses suits your needs. This means that we can set aside time for out-of-court personal injury negotiations or talk to a judge about your case.

Traditional personal injury and car accident trials can be lengthy endeavors. However, these trials are the ideal environment for survivors who don’t want to directly contend with their liable party. Instead, a judge and jury can demand evidence from all parties involved in an accident before deciding who may be entitled to what compensation.

You can take a more direct approach to your fight for compensation in personal injury negotiations. While we stand with you during these negotiations, they take place on your own time. You and the liable party can discuss what compensation you feel you deserve in private. While you may have to compromise, negotiations tend to resolve faster than traditional trials.

Let Experts Address Your Losses

There’s nothing so reassuring as having an experienced professional on your side after a car accident. Our team has served thousands of southern Minnesota residents, and we strive to bring that experience to your personal injury case. 

The sooner you call on our team, the sooner you can put our expertise to use. For example, we can prevent police officers from improperly reporting the nature of your accident. In the same way, we can challenge any insurance providers that try to deny you the right to the financial support you’ve already been paying for.

What’s more, we help you elaborate on your losses before a civil judge. We can challenge a liable party that tries to contest their role in your accident while asserting your right to substantial post-accident compensation. You can learn more about our car accident and personal injury services during an initial case consultation.

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Personal injuries and car accidents fall under the same broader categories in the eyes of Minnesota’s civil courts. If you want to pursue either case, you can contact the personal injury lawyers working with Knutson + Casey. Our team has served southern Minnesota since 1992, and we’re prepared to advocate for you.

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