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Many couples in Minnesota turn to surrogates to help them have children. These are couples that want to experience the joy that comes with welcoming a child into this world but may be unable to have a child of their own. There are many advantages to using surrogacy to build a family, but various issues can arise that make this a complicated situation. Whether you are using a trusted friend/family member or a stranger for surrogacy, you need to seek legal guidance every step of the way. Let the Mankato surrogacy agreement lawyers at Knutson + Casey help you with your case today.

Why Choose Knutson + Casey?

The complexities surrounding surrogacy in Minnesota can be overwhelming, so turn to an attorney with considerable experience handling these matters. Knutson + Casey is here for you today.

  • We take the time to get to know every client who we work with. We want to make sure we understand your goals and needs during this time.
  • We are meticulous when it comes to details concerning surrogacy agreements, which is how we ensure that everything is done according to the law.
  • We have extensive experience handling all family law matters in Minnesota, and we arrange our fees in a way that is fair for everybody involved.

How a Lawyer Helps with Surrogacy Agreements

It is important to understand that there are no surrogacy laws in Minnesota, but that surrogacy agreements in this state are handled the same way that they are in other areas in the United States. Because there are no specific laws regarding surrogacy in MN, both the intended parents and the surrogate should be represented by separate surrogacy attorneys who will handle all contract negotiations.

An attorney will ensure that a surrogacy contract addresses the following:

  • Risks and liabilities for all parties involved
  • Rights and responsibilities for all parties involved
  • Compensation for the surrogate and other financial information (including surrogacy insurance)
  • Contract expectations before, during, and after the surrogacy

Surrogacy contracts are legal documents, and they need to be treated as such. A surrogacy attorney in Mankato will ensure that you are being treated fairly on your end and that every contract you sign is appropriately worded, drafted, and enforceable.

Securing a Pre-Birth Custody Order

There are laws in place in Minnesota that allow for the intended parents to obtain custody and determination of parentage prior to birth. However, there are steps you can take to safeguard your interests when using a surrogate.

Anytime a person is using a surrogate to have a child, a pre-birth custody order should be obtained so that the intended parents are able to parent their child as soon as the child is born. A pre-birth custody order can ensure that the intended parents’ names are on the birth certificate without having to amend or update the certificates later.

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Whether you are considering using a surrogate or becoming a surrogate yourself, you should seek legal assistance before making any decisions. At Knutson + Casey, our qualified and compassionate family lawyers have extensive experience handling these cases. We understand the surrogacy laws in Minnesota, and we are going to make sure that you are protected legally and emotionally. When you need a Mankato surrogacy agreement lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation online, or call us at (507) 344-8888.