Mankato Modifications Lawyer

In the aftermath of a divorce or separation, it is inevitable that the lives of one or both parents will change. When changes do occur, this can make it necessary to modify some parts of a final divorce settlement. It is not uncommon for changes to occur concerning child support, visitation, custody arrangements, alimony, and more. At Knutson+Casey, our Mankato modifications lawyers are ready to help when these situations arise. Let us investigate your case and work through the court system to secure the modifications that you need today.

Modifications to Parenting Plans

One of the most important aspects of finalizing a divorce when there are minor children involved are parenting plans. This includes arrangements for both legal and physical custody as well as visitation schedules for non-custodial parents. However, there are various reasons why modifications to parenting plans may be necessary, including one parent moving away, significant changes in work schedules, a parent losing a home to foreclosure, and more. The family court in Minnesota will generally agree to modify a parenting plan if both parties agree, if the child’s current living situation under the existing plan is unsafe, if the custodial parent has allowed the child to live with the other parent for a significant amount of time, or if the other parent has been held in contempt of court for violating the parenting plan.

Modifications to Child Support

It is important to note that child support is calculated by a formula outlined in Minnesota state law (Minn. Statutes 518.18). Modifications can be made to child support when significant changes in circumstances have occurred for one or both parents. This can include:

  • A change in income
  • A change in the health of the child
  • Primary custodian changes
  • Changes in the parenting plan that alter the amount of time a child spends with each parent
  • A parent has another child
  • Increases in education and childcare costs
  • Other factors the court deems relevant used to calculate child support

Modifications to Spousal Support

Spousal support, commonly referred to as alimony, may need to be modified. Typically, these changes happen when one spouse requests more support or when one spouse asks to pay less or to terminate spousal support (Minn. Statutes 518.552). Modifications to spousal support may be granted if:

  • There is an increase or decrease in the payee’s income
  • There is a loss of a home
  • There is a change in a child’s living arrangements
  • Increases in the cost of living
  • The payee receiving a large inheritance or payout
  • The recipient remarries or cohabitates with another adult
  • An injury or illness changes financial circumstances
  • Both parties agree to change the order

Get Help from a Mankato Family Law Attorney

If you have been through a divorce or separation and realize that you need to make changes to existing divorce settlement issues, you should speak to a Mankato family lawyer about your case as soon as possible. The family court system in Minnesota understands that there are times when modifications are necessary. Please understand that you should absolutely not make any changes to a final divorce agreement without going through the court system, as this could result in one or both parties being held in contempt of the family court orders. At Knutson+Casey, we are going to ensure that all modifications are completed properly and legally while also upholding your rights. Let out Mankato modifications lawyers help you navigate the family court system. For your free consultation, contact us online or call (507) 344-8888.