Nicollet County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime in Nicollet County, it is advisable that you take all the necessary actions to safeguard your future. Unfortunately, the process may be long and tedious. 

Its possible you will be charged by citation the same day you come into contact with police or it is possible you will be charged through a criminal complaint that oftentimes is sent out in the mail. After being charged with a crime you will go through a series of preliminary hearings before, ultimately, a trial could be held. 

It is possible you will qualify for a public defender that would be appointed by the court.. However, hiring a private Nicollet County criminal defense lawyer may make the process easier and more convenient for you. In this guide, we explain why the experienced Nicollet County criminal defense lawyers at Knutson + Casey may help safeguard your future, reputation, and financial freedom.

What Does a Nicollet County Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Nicollet County criminal defense attorneys work with prosecutors to negotiate favorable deals for their criminally charged clients. Their primary duties include researching case facts, investigating on their clients’ behalf, and finding the best legal solutions for their clients. When you work with a criminal defense attorney in Nicollet County, the lawyer might be able to reduce your amount of bail, get charges dismissed, shorten terms of probation and reduce fines. 

A criminal defense lawyer in Nicollet County will examine evidence and witnesses for you and make legal arguments to dismiss or reduce potential charges. Criminal defense attorneys will negotiate pleas, evaluate potential sentences and guide you through the court process. 

The Cost of Legal Representation in Nicollet County 

If you have been charged with a crime, you may wonder how much it will cost you to access the services of a Nicollet County criminal defense lawyer. It is always good to evaluate your financial status to know whether you have the funds for private counsel. As a criminal defendant, a Nicollet County criminal defense attorney will generally require a retainer payment and bill you on an hourly basis.

Defendants who cannot afford private counsel can still apply for public defenders appointed by the government on their behalf. Still, it is vital to note that when applying for a public defender you are not allowed to pick a lawyer to represent you.e. 

Working With a Public Defender Versus Hiring Your Own Private Attorney

As has been stated, you may work with a government-paid public attorney or hire a private Nicollet County criminal defense attorney. The choice of lawyer may determine whether you get a favorable deal or not. As a defendant, we will help you choose the best way forward, depending on your financial situation. We discuss both options below.

Working With a Public Defender

The process of applying for a public defender depends on state laws. In Minnesota, you may request one before appearing in court or during your first court session. The process requires completing the Public Defender application through one of three main methods: making the Online PD Application, filling in a PD Application Form from the Minnesota Judicial Branch Website, or filling out the MN Board of Public Defender’s form while in court.

The most crucial factor is that you must provide truthful information when making the application. The court then examines your application and decides whether you qualify for a public defender based on your financial status. If approved, the lawyer works with you throughout the case.

Hiring Your Own Attorney

The second option you can take is hiring a private Nicollet County criminal defense lawyer. The attorney you choose at this stage will embody you and your rights. Therefore, it is vital to make a credible decision. Ensure you have a few options to select from so that you can go with the best.

More often than not, you will get a free initial consultation. This process is essential so the criminal defense lawyer can familiarize themself with the details of your case. The free consultation also allows you to understand the legal strategies you may take.

If you are worried about the legal fees, it is always good to ask the criminal defense lawyer beforehand, so there are no surprises. In addition, most attorneys have flexible payment plans depending on your financial situation. An advantage of hiring a private lawyer over a public defender is that, a personal attorney offers you a better one-on-one experience, which may help you cover all the case details to aid the defense.

Contact the Experienced Nicollet County Criminal Defense Lawyers at Knutson Casey Today

As we have discussed in this page, criminal defenses do not have to become complicated for you. Although it’s never a walk in the park, you can always hire a Nicollet County criminal defense lawyer. A private attorney gives you a better one-on-one experience than a public defender. Therefore, this option might be the best for you if you are interested in a seamless process.

Knutson + Casey offers you access to a qualified team of criminal defense lawyers who may help you reduce the bail, the number of charges against you, or court sentences. We may be able to help you get the best deal by negotiating with the prosecution and working with witnesses to uncover all the facts surrounding your case. We have helped thousands of clients in Southern Minnesota, and we hope to fight for you, too. Call us today at (507) 344-8888 or fill out a contact form to arrange a free consultation.