What are Minnesota’s Roadway and Crosswalk Laws?

Whether you are visiting Minnesota or you are a resident, you need to understand the roadway and crosswalk laws. All pedestrians and drivers should note the guidelines to getting around Minnesota for their own safety as well as those around them. 

Traffic laws are put in place for a reason. Every driver and pedestrian needs to follow these laws to ensure they make it home every day to their family and friends. 

Understanding Minnesota’s Roadway Laws

Minnesota has a seat belt law that requires all drivers and passengers to wear a seatbelt. Every child needs to be secured in an age-appropriate car seat or booster seat as well. 

Law enforcement officers will pull over and give a ticket to a driver for any person in the car not wearing a seatbelt, and this also includes passengers in the back seat not wearing a seatbelt and children not securely placed in car seats or booster seats. 

Drivers must drive with caution and follow the posted speed limit signs and understand their speed may need to be adjusted due to hazardous conditions that may occur. The posted speed limit is based on a clear weather day with no surrounding hazards such as heavy rain or a snowstorm, to name a few. 

It is important to know if a driver is stopped going 20 mph over the posted speed limit, they will face double the fine, and if a driver gets caught going over 100 mph, they can lose their license. 

Minnesota also has a distracted driver law that means that drivers cannot be on their cell phone while driving, unless it is a hands-free set up.

What is Considered a Crosswalk in Minnesota? 

A crosswalk is part of the roadway that is specifically designed for pedestrian traffic. All drivers must stop before the lines marking the crosswalk, stop sign, or signal. If a vehicle approaches behind another vehicle that is clearly stopped to allow pedestrians to cross, the approaching vehicle is not permitted to pass. 

Pedestrians have the right of way in a Minnesota crosswalk, and drivers must yield to them, while they are in the crosswalk.  Pedestrians must also obey the traffic signs and signals posted at all intersections. They must be careful to wait before entering a crosswalk when vehicles are about to pass through the crosswalk. Vehicles may not be able to stop suddenly, which may result in a pedestrian getting injured.  A pedestrian has the right of way, but may not dart out into the roadway or crosswalk.

Contact a Southern Minnesota Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you might not know where to turn. Pedestrians are our most fragile road users, and those who disobey crosswalk laws put their lives at risk. Those who have been hurt by an oncoming vehicle might be able to pursue a claim. 

When you speak with our team of experienced car accident lawyers in Southern Minnesota, we will help you understand whether you have legal options available to you to pursue compensation. Pedestrians who may have a car accident claim could recover compensation to pay for all accident-related expenses. To find out whether you may have a claim, call (507) 344-8888 or complete our contact form for a free case evaluation.