Protect Yourself: Why Seeking Advice From a Personal Injury Attorney Is Important

When you’re injured in an accident, mounting medical bills, pain from your injuries, insurance claims, and dealing with missed work and employer headaches can all be sources of stress. Advocating for yourself to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your expenses is just another stressor on the list. However, seeking advice from a personal injury lawyer can set your mind at ease and allow you to focus on your recovery.

Why Should I Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney?

Often, cases of personal injury Mankato involve situations where another party may be at fault, causing you undue injury or pain. Such cases can be hotly contested, leading to legal proceedings you may not be prepared to undertake. Or, insurance companies – yours or another party’s – could refuse coverage or payment of benefits, leaving you without the medical assistance you need.

As mentioned, legal proceedings surrounding your case can be just another stressor, but they don’t need to be. Personal injury attorneys are well versed in handling cases just like yours. In addition, attorneys have every resource available to gather all the proper knowledge and documentation to pursue compensation from the insurance company or another party.

Why Seeking Advice Is Important

Consider these reasons seeking advice from a personal injury attorney is important.

  • Reduced stress for you. Let an experienced attorney handle legal proceedings while you focus on your recovery.
  • Investigative power. A personal injury attorney will complete a thorough investigation into your claim, as well as any claims made by other involved parties. If a personal injury attorney accepts your case, it is likely he or she believes the court will award damages.
  • Evidence gathering. Personal injury attorneys are well-situated to gather evidence, including police reports, additional witnesses, evidence at the scene of the accident, any surveillance cameras, and more. In addition, evidence establishing fault may include medical records, statements from your physicians, or statements from your employer.
  • Insurance negotiations. During the claim’s investigation, a personal injury attorney can communicate with your insurance company and any third-party insurance company. Attorney negotiations are much more likely to be successful, given that your attorney is as adept at negotiating as your insurance company’s attorney. During this time, your insurance company may try to talk you into taking a lower, quicker settlement or signing a statement, but your attorney can help protect you from these actions.
  • Initial legal proceedings. If your insurance company does not offer a fair settlement, or if another party is not offering you a fair compensation, your attorney can file a complaint. The complaint will outline why you believe the defendant was negligent in causing your injury as well as the amount of damages owed you as a result of the accident. Calculating damages and filing legal complaints is exactly what a personal injury attorney is for, so let your attorney assist you in these crucial steps.
  • Court representation. Perhaps the most well-known service of an attorney is representing clients in court. Should your case need to go to court, an attorney familiar with court procedures and adept at navigating state and local laws is crucial to your case’s success.

In general, personal injury attorneys possess unparalleled knowledge, insight, and a familiarity with legal proceedings. In addition, most attorneys will only charge a fee after successfully settling your case. If you’ve been involved in an accident, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Mankato  attorneys.