15 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Motorcycle Awareness Month

Motorcycles are an appealing form of transportation and give people a great sense of freedom. However, they can also be dangerous, which is why it is important to know and understand the steps one can take to protect themselves and others on the road. Despite the stereotype that motorcycle riders are often reckless and careless, many take great care to be safe riders. Riding a motorcycle is more enjoyable when done correctly and safely, not recklessly. Unfortunately, this negative perception of motorcyclists can put them at risks, both legally and on the road.

Insurance companies tend to use the fact that riders are riding a motorcycle against them. The negative biases against motorcyclists are used to claim that the accident must have been the rider’s fault to some degree, therefore limiting or denying their damages. In the event of a motorcycle accident, riders should contact a motorcycle accident attorney who can handle bad faith tactics used by insurance companies and help build a strong claim that cannot be so easily dismissed.

15 Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, being a motorcycle rider can also be very dangerous without taking proper precautions. In order to truly enjoy riding a motorcycle, riders need to stay safe. Here are 15 safety tips for motorcycle riders:

  • Stay sober
  • Don’t ride while tired
  • Know your limits as a rider
  • Check the weather before your ride
  • Wear appropriate gear (gear must also fit well to be effective)
  • Always wear a full-face helmet
  • Inspect your bike each time before riding
  • Obey traffic laws
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Wear reflective or bright clothing
  • Be observant (watch for other drivers, pedestrians, and potential road hazards)
  • Keep a safe distance
  • Take a safety course
  • Know your route before heading out
  • Carry a first-aid kit

It’s essential for all riders to understand the steps they can take to increase their safety on the road, as being in an accident can have dire consequences for riders. When motorcyclists collide with enclosed cars, they are significantly more at risk because they lack the protection of enclosed vehicles. Drivers can walk away with a few scratches, but riders are often left with severe and even disabling injuries. When riders are harmed in an accident because of a negligent motor vehicle driver, they often need the compensation they could receive from a personal injury claim or lawsuit. However, insurance companies focus on limiting their payouts, not paying the maximum value of claims.

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable during accidents because of their lack of protection and during the personal injury process because of negative biases. It’s important that they have an advocate who can pursue the compensation they deserve when their injuries result from a careless or reckless driver. Working with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney can provide motorcyclists the support and guidance they need by tackling insurance company negotiations on their behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for their circumstances.

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