Minnesota’s Ignition Interlock Device Program

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, the process can be frightening. From the time of your arrest through the court appearances, this can be an incredibly difficult situation. Even if a person avoids jail time after a DUI conviction, they may still have to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Here, we want to discuss what these devices are, what the requirements are for drivers in Minnesota, and what is considered a violation of an interlock ignition device.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a system that is installed in the vehicle of a person convicted of DUI to prevent future drinking and driving incidents. This device is installed next to the steering wheel and connected to the car’s engine. The ignition interlock device must be installed by a professional.

This device consists of a mouthpiece, a handheld device, and a cord that connects the device to the ignition. This device also includes a camera that is attached to the dashboard. This camera is pointed at the driver to assure that no person other than the driver blows into the mouthpiece.

The driver blows into the IID when they wish to drive their vehicle, and the device determines the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If the alcohol percentage is below the legal limit in Minnesota for an IID (.02%), the vehicle will be allowed to start. If the driver does not pass the BAC test, the vehicle will not start until a successful test is completed. The IID In Minnesota is designed to collect samples from the air inside the automobile while the vehicle is moving. Any violations are recorded by the IID, and reports are sent to Minnesota’s Department of Public Safety.

What are Minnesota’s Program Requirements?

For those who wish to enter the IID program in Minnesota, there are various requirements that need to be met. This includes:

  • A receipt of payment of $680 reinstatement fee for a license
  • Proof of valid automobile insurance covering you for 12 months
  • Have a vehicle that is compatible with the IID

If a person is approved for the Minnesota IID program, they will need to select an authorized ignition interlock device company. This company will install the equipment and train the potential user. A driver will also need to return to the company for calibration of the device every one or two months. Pricing for the installation of the IID is set by the device provider, not the state of Minnesota.

What is Considered a Violation?

If a person fails an IID test, they will have to wait five minutes before they can retest. They are required to retake the test within 10 minutes of the first failure. Failure to retake the test, or a second failure, will be reported to the state of Minnesota. A violation will typically extend the time that a person needs to remain under the IID program in Minnesota. The first failed test can extend the time by 90 days.

Other violations include:

  • Tampering with the device
  • Circumventing or bypassing the device
  • Operating another vehicle without an IID installed
  • Violation of an IID limited license
  • Failing to bring in a vehicle for required service and recalibration of the device

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