How Much Is a Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth in Minnesota?

Motorcycle accidents can be scary events, and your primary focus should be on physical and emotional recovery after such a catastrophic incident. However, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible to receive some form of compensation.

As a firm focused on understanding our clients’ needs, Knutson + Casey is honored to serve the Southern Minnesota area. We have recovered over $10 million for our clients in the last several years to ensure that their only responsibility is recovery.

Understanding How Motorcycle Accident Claims are Calculated

To properly address a motorcycle accident claim, three principal areas need to be investigated: personal injury, wage loss, and other non-economic damages, and even the damage to your motorcycle.  In addition, most motorcyclists have different insurance coverage than automobiles.  Most Minnesota motorcyclists, for instance, do not have No Fault medical or wage loss coverage, and many motorcyclists do not have Uninsured or Underinsured coverage, as it is not required by Minnesota law when dealing with motorcycles.

Personal Injury and Severity of Damages

The first step in determining how your claim is calculated is to quantify your personal injuries and their severity. The differences in the severity of injuries will lead to differences in claim amounts, and Knutson + Casey has plenty of experience in these cases to guide you through this process.

For example, it is common for motorcycle accidents to involve concussions or traumatic brain injuries, which can be hard to assess and deal with.  Spinal cord injuries are common,  and can result in substantial medical bills, physical therapy, or counselling.  Motorcyle injury claims typically see higher claims payouts, than more minor injuries.

Wages Lost Due to Personal Injuries

If you cannot perform your occupation due to the injuries you’ve sustained, you are entitled to compensation for these lost wages. Using your wage rate and the time you’re missing is another fairly straightforward component contributing to your overall claim.

Other Non-Economic Damages

The final component of claim compensation consists of adjustments based on how the quality of your life has changed. Insurance adjusters often will apply some monetary value to this change, but having an experienced legal professional by your side will allow you to negotiate this value to ensure you get a proper allotment.

After addressing each of the above categories, a team member at Knutson + Casey will be able to provide a trial value that you would expect to recover following a trial. Liability is another significant factor, and our team of legal professionals will be able to provide guidance on who to involve so that you’re able to obtain your full entitlement.

Establishing Liability for your Motorcycle Accident Claims

Beyond just determining the amount that you’re entitled to, it’s also important to ensure that clear proof of fault is established for every accident.

Establishing Fault

A police officer can often assist in the determination of fault when they arrive on the scene. Likewise, there is often witness testimony or dash camera video depicting the accident. Still, in the case of single-vehicle accidents, this can be slightly more complex. Factors such as hazardous conditions, manufacturing defects, or infrastructure concerns also need to be considered when putting together a case.

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