Five Key Steps to Take After You’re Charged With a Felony in Minnesota

Being charged with a felony can be a terrifying experience. A felony charge means that the crime you are charged with is punishable by over one year of imprisonment and often significantly more. Felony charges can include crimes such as murder, rape, and burglary. However, it can also apply to many other charges such as internet crimes, possession of a controlled substance, and certain white-collar crimes. 

Felony charges are very serious and can impact the rest of your life, whether you are guilty or not. It can affect you voting rights, gun rights, and other constitutional rights. You may have to report to probation for years to come. This is why it is so important to have legal representation if you are charged with a felony in Minnesota. The criminal defense lawyers at Knutson + Casey can help protect your rights and guide you through the legal process. Read on to find out what exactly you should do if you ever find yourself charged with a felony. 

Steps to Take After a Felony Charge in Minnesota

It is easy to be overwhelmed, upset, or panicked if you are arrested for a felony. However, it’s important to keep a level head to increase your chances of success. These are the steps you should take if you are being arrested for or charged with a felony.

Remain Silent

There is a reason that it is your right to remain silent. What you say during your arrest is very much part of the legal case against you. Even if you are completely innocent, what you say can come back to hurt you later in the process. Therefore, you should not give any information to police officers during an arrest beyond your basic identifying information. 

Get a Lawyer

Felony charges are no simple matter. Police and prosecutors are educated and trained to make a case against you. Therefore, it’s crucial to have someone in your corner with the right education and skills to help you. You must contact a lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. The sooner you have a lawyer working to help you, the better your chances are of having a favorable outcome. 

Collaborating Witnesses

If you know that someone saw something or knows something that will help your case, make sure that your lawyer is aware of this and has a way to contact this person (or people). It will be imperative to have multiple pieces of favorable testimony and evidence on your side, especially if your case goes to trial.

Do Not Miss Court 

Avoiding court only makes things worse, so be sure to attend all of your court dates. Missing a court date can leave a negative impression and can land you in jail. 

Avoid More Trouble

The last thing you need when you are charged with a felony is more trouble. Avoid any people or situations that could result in any kind of problem, such as going out and drinking or contacting witnesses in your case.

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