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For parents, the health and safety of children is a top priority. Unfortunately, the often playful and adventurous nature of children means they are susceptible to injury. After you have sought medical care for your child, you may be wondering what your next steps should be. First, take a moment to consider the legal definition of child injury.

In Minnesota, the age of majority is 18, which means that a minor child is determined to be any individual 17 or younger. As expected, you as the parent are responsible for providing any necessary medical care for your children. However, in the event that the injuries your child sustained were the fault of someone else, or a result of some sort of negligence on someone else’s part, you may be entitled to compensation.

Child injuries vary as widely as the children themselves, and can result from any number of incidents, to include accidents, as well as curiosity injuries. If your child sustained injuries that you believe were caused by negligence, abuse or an act of harm, contact our Minneapolis child injury lawyers today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Types of Child Injuries in Minneapolis

  • Car accidents are the number one source of injuries to children, ranging from bumps and bruises to broken limbs, to severe, life-threatening injuries.
  • Suffocation can occur anywhere, including daycare facilities and at home with private babysitters.
  • Near-drowning incidents can leave a child in the hospital for lengthy periods of time and can be a result of negligent care on the part of pool staff or a childcare provider.
  • Burns are a common injury for children attending in-home daycares, which may not have the stringent safety requirements enforced by larger centers.
  • Poisoning is similarly common with in-home daycare and babysitter situations, as well as in centers that may have failed to adequately store cleaning and other products.
  • Falls are the sixth-most common childhood injury, and can occur almost anywhere, from school, to day care, to commercial venues that may not provide adequate upkeep of their equipment.
  • Choking hazards abound with smaller children, and child care facilities must ensure that all hazardous items are out of the reach of small children.
  • Hot car injuries have been on the rise for years, even in states like Minnesota that have temperate weather.
  • Animal bites are a common risk for children, particularly from other individuals’ pets.
  • Child identity theft is a relatively new occurrence that does not affect children physically but may impact their financial future.

These injuries are by no means a complete list of all the potential injuries your Minneapolis child injury attorney can address. Set up a consultation to learn more.

Helping Families Overcome Child Injuries

In general, even though minor children in the state of Minnesota do not have the same judgement abilities as their parents, the law still grants them the right to compensation for injuries. This may include pain and suffering, or even disability as the result of permanent injuries. In addition, you as a parent have the right to seek compensation for your child’s medical bills.

Parents have the right to make insurance or legal claims on behalf of their injured children, as well as negotiate that claim. If your child’s injury requires lengthy negotiations, involves one or more insurance companies, or may result in civil court litigation, a child injury attorney will be able to assist you in your family’s time of need.

Your child injury lawyer has the resources to perform an investigation and gather evidence for you to ensure your child injury case is as thorough as possible. Should your insurance company or a third-party company deny or lowball your claim, your attorney can enter into negotiations to ensure your claim settlement adequately compensates you for any damages.

In the case of child identity theft, a child injury attorney can assist your family in investigating any parties that may be utilizing your child’s information. In addition, a new 2019 law streamlines the process of reporting such theft and freezing your child’s credit reporting status if they are under sixteen.

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